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UK government and EDF have agreed improved arrangements

The NLF Trustees are pleased that the UK government and EDF have agreed improved arrangements to safely and efficiently decommission Britain’s 7 AGRs, due to reach the end of their operational lives this decade.

Long Term Sustainable Growth Portfolio

The Trustees are pleased to announce the formation of the NLF Long Term Sustainable Growth Portfolio.

New Trustee Appointment

Dr Martin Grant has been appointed as a trustee and director of the NLF with effect from 1 December 2020.

New Trustee appointment and Two Re-appointments

Margaret Stephens is new Trustee. Richard Wohanka and Robert Armour re-appointed

A long term investment

Nuclear Liabilities Fund invests £250m alongside British Patient Capital to enable long term investment in innovative companies across the UK.

NLF to pay for building of new Dry Store at Sizewell B

On 14 January 2013, EDF Energy (‘EDFE’) announced that it had begun work on a new dry store for spent fuel at Sizewell B nuclear power station. Sizewell B is the UK’s only pressurized water reactor (PWR).

The Mackerron Report

Written by Professor Gordon Mackerron of Sussex University, the report sets out and evaluates the history of the UK approach to nuclear decommissioning, waste management and clean up.