Site visit to Hunterston B Power Station

Hunterston B

NLF Trustees and Executive Team were warmly welcomed by members of the senior management team and various staff members when they enjoyed a tour of Hunterston B on 21 September 2022.

NLF guests enjoyed a tour of the station viewing galleries and had an opportunity to find out more about the work that is ongoing to safely defuel the station’s two reactors and prepare for the future transfer to the NDA’s subsidiary, Magnox.

It was evident to NLF that Hunterston B’s team of talented staff and contractors have worked hard to support safe and reliable generation during the last 46 years and that they are now committed and well positioned to meet ambitious defueling targets and pave the way for successful defueling at Hinkley Point B and the rest of the AGR fleet in due course.

NLF wish to thank the team at Hunterston for their kind hospitality during the site visit.

NLF and Hunterston staff Group photo